SEO Hacks for People Who Loathe Optimisation

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The Secret To SEO Is, Good Content Marketing

At first glance, SEO can look like Jedi mind tricks that fool search engines, which can make it tiresome for the average business leader to deal with.

However, SEO is a massive segment of successful content marketing because its what ties you into your audience.

Your audience wants to solve a problem or fulfil a desire. You can solve that problem or fulfil that desire. SEO connects us all together, you and the customer.

This article will help achieve a search engine result you can completely control without any other knowledge of the subject.

The foundation of your content is your brand

Your companies name is the most basic piece of information someone else knows about you after they’re aware of your brand.

And there are a variety of ways a prospect can discover you:

  • Were you interviewed on a podcast?
  • Did you author a guest post?
  • Pass out your contact information at a networking event?

Don’t forget about word-of-mouth marketing.

Anyone interested in your services is going to google your business name, therefore your content should appear on the first page of Google search results for your name.

When you claim spots online that show what you do, you have the opportunity to stand out as an expert who meets a prospect’s requirements.

Let’s take a look at how search engine results can start displaying you as a prominent SME.

1. Your website

This is your store front its the first impression most people will have of your business. When developing your online presence you must consider speed, reliability and ease of use the holy trinity of successful digital projects.

Its no secret that google is interested in page speed and will like you more if your page loads faster on a mobile since most web traffic today is created via smart devices.

Your presence should be easy to use and should scream what you do to the world in the first few paragraphs.

2. Your social media

You should always keep your socials updated frequently with good content, dropping in links to your site will also help your SEO score as it builds up trust in your domain.

Your socials should show the human side of your company, its heart is in its presence

Every tweet or LinkedIn article builds up trust in your brand and brings about awareness.

And let’s not forget the content format that gives a stranger the most complete picture of who you are: video.

Do you have YouTube videos where you share your expertise? How about a podcast?

If you have a brand name, include it somewhere in your profile make it prominent so it becomes your businesses identity.

3. Guest Writing

Another great way to build up trust with google is to have high quality backlinks, consider guest blogging to generate more traffic to your brand. The more backlinks you have the more trust your domain will gain and in turn the higher you will rank on the search results.

Guest blogging for smaller sites is a good way to generate multiple downlines of traffic streams and linking back to their sites will help out them as much as yourself.

Generate an audience as a foundation

Getting listed on google is great but if no-one knows how to find you it can be difficult to gain an audience.

Post blogs every other day and push them to as many places as possible, facebook groups, linkedin, twitter etc. anywhere that will increase awareness of your brand.

The bigger your foundation the better results you will achieve.

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