Outage No More ! The Failsafe To Online Operations

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Broadband Outage No More – 4G Backup Internet Solutions May Save Your Bacon

Businesses now more reliant on online services so broadband is a literal life line, without it our computers, our tablets, our emails and our phones would be dead in the water. Even a single day without broadband can cost a business dearly time is money and money is time. Due to this it makes sense to always have a back up plan. An insurance policy that means your never off the grid.

A good solution is the Huawei E3372  4G dongle this hand little number plugs into the USB port on your router which switches the connection over to the 4g network. Once the broadband comes back online you just remove the dongle. All you will need is 4g sim card and a good data plan to save you endless hours of stress.

  • Cheap and easy to use
  • DIY effortless install
  • Only 369.99 you can find it on amazon
  • 4G sim cards start from as low as £15 per month

Another great option for business continuity is the TP-Link Archer MR200 4G wireless router, this is a smart bit of kit with a sim card slot that works over the 4G LTE network. It boasts 4 ethernet ports and Wi-Fi for up to 64 devices all at one, impressive !

  • Simple DIY install
  • 4G Router for only £119 from currys
  • 4G sim card for as little as £15 per month

Here at pursuit business continuity is important to us and our clients ! We hope this article helps you keep the wheels moving when crisis hits.

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