The Perfect On-Hold Message Can Help Super Charge Your Sales

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Image of tiny cassette

When your callers are on hold they are captivated, ready to be made aware of what you do. Creating a message to play during the hold process helps people feel more at ease which leads to you having the time to help build up report before you even answer the call.

The average hold wait time is 55 seconds which doesn’t seem like a long time. The issue lies when most of these callers (more than half) will hang up after 45 seconds and 30% wont call you back. That’s a lot of missed opportunities, putting people on hold is costly in both money and time, but with a few changes this hold time can actually make you money

The way the human brain processes sound is amazing, so much so that when people are listening to music and messages will not feel that they have been on hold for as long compared to people listening to just music. This isn’t just about cost saving, its about generating more income too. People who play music and messages during hold can see as much as 40% increase in sales, almost a quarter of these people said that they had been swayed to purchase something due to a message they held on hold.

Just like that ! Generating 25% more revenue by not lifting a finger ! The great thing is you already have the customers attention so it makes it much easier to upsell them – because they’ve called you they’re already willing to listen so tell them something that helps them know their needs this opens up a new line of dialogue that can truly skyrocket your sales prospects.

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