Building Business Relationships That Last

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At Pursuit a lot of our best business relationships come about via word of mouth marketing. Networking is key to building solid relationships both in business and in life. The problem with networking is that everyone has something to sell whether it be their business, their idea or even themselves. The biggest issue with this approach is that most people don’t go to networking events to close deals they’re a place to connect and grow your network !

Here are some of our best networking tips:-

  1. You scratch my back I scratch yours – When at networking events look for people to help, this will always return to you tenfold when building relationships… we all have something somebody needs. Most people will positively remember you when you help them which could open up opportunities down the road.
  1. Always understand others needs before pitching your own. – Knowledge and assistance is an equal exchange, if you are willing to see ways you can help someone and going out of your way to do it this will build a more positive relationship that can yield surprising result. This isn’t game of keeping score though, its more about people wanting to reciprocate not the expectation for them to do so.
  1. Who you know goes a long way, who they know takes you further. – A lot of people make the mistake of focusing on only the end goal of helping the person and rarely think further. Taking their business is great, but taking their network with you is greater. More exposure always leads to more sales.
  1. Leave self doubt at the door – If a business relationship isn’t going the way you need it to don’t dwell on why. Figuring out what went wrong and accepting the blame is how you can grow and develop your networking strategy for future interactions. Always make it obvious from the get go what you’re looking to achieve the right people will help make it happen.
  1. Always add value. – Its always important to analyse someone’s needs so that you know how to add value to your business offering. Always be willing to offer support, information and your network. This will always come back in positive ways.
  1. Keep your network nurtured. – Business relationships are always hard work to maintain, think about ways to keep in touch and consistently remind people that you’re here to help them with their goals. Taking the time to learn about their business and what it needs can lead to numerous sales opportunities, keep connected.
  1. Your follow up is your legacy. – If you don’t hear back from someone make sure your follow up is eye catching and makes people want to contact you. Following up on the services and help you’ve offered them will make people more likely to see you in a very positive light. By doing this you will increase your credibility tenfold!

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