Changing Network Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

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There’s now a cooler way to switch mobile provider, the new ‘text to switch’ process just went live in July and now you can text to get a PAC code.

If you wanted to switch provider in the past it was a massive chore, you had to do this one of two ways: Move to a new provider and lose your number – or move with your number by phoning the network and obtaining the Porting Authorisation Code (PAC) from your current provider then phoning the new provider and giving them the code

The process of obtaining a PAC code worked but it also lead to huge wait times in provider call queues so they can get even more money from you before you leave, this was the norm and people accepted that changing was a hassle. This new service for text to switch has made this process so much easier, thanks to a ruling by Ofcom its now illegal for providers to charge you anything for switching (yay!)

This new system cuts out the middle man, this means you avoid the mobile networks retention teams offering you everything under the sun to stay and of course eliminates the massive phone bill that would be generated in the old way of switching. Hooray for technology, now you can text to get your PAC code or even better you can now request it online e.g. EE has an online portal for this here.

  • To switch network and keep your number you can text PAC to 65075
  • To move network without your number you can text STAC to 75075
  • Your current provider will then text you the PAC which is valid for 30 days.
  • There may be extra security checks performed asking for you DOB etc depending on the network these will be different.
  • This text will also contain any cancellation charges etc. normally this is only with contract sims
  • You can then pass this PAC or STAC to any provider you wish allowing you to shop around

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