What’s The Best Broadband Speed For Streaming

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There are numerous uses for high speed broadband which vary wildly from user to user. One service seems to remain constant, streaming. Services like TV, Netflix, iPlayer and others are increasing in popularity, new platforms are being released every day. One thing you always need to enjoy these at their best is… internet.

iPlayer needs at the very least 1.5mbps to run smoothly on its standard video quality setting, for HD streaming though it jumps up 2.8mbps. For Netflix thought this is much higher for the standard stream quality: 3mbps is required HD on the other hand needs quite a bit more at 5mbps.

Watching movies and streaming TV *

BBC iPlayer

  • Standard: 1.5mbps
  • HD: 2.8mbps
  • 4K: Not Available


  • Standard: 3mbps
  • HD: 5mbps
  • 4K: 25mbps

Amazon Prime Video

  • Standard: 0.9mbps
  • HD: 3.5 mbps
  • 4K: 25mbps


  • Standard: 2.5mbps
  • HD: 4mbps
  • 4K: 15mbps

Streaming Music*  

  • Spotify Mobile: 0.96mbps
  • Spotify Desktop: 0.16mbps
  • Google Play Music: 0.32mbps
  • Apple Music: 0.256mbps
  • Amazon Music Unlimited: 0.5mbps

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