Openrach Stops Home Visits

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Openreach has stated it will no longer carry out home visits when broadband needs installed. Openreach will now spin down domestic services and focus instead on essential infrastructure work.

There have been exceptions laid out for old people and those classed as vulnerable but they will be asked some questions before work is carried out.

  1. Have you been near anyone that’s been diagnosed with COVID-19, someone who has asked to isolate, or have you travelled to a COVID19 hotspot in the last 14 days?
  2. Do you or anyone in the household have flu like symptoms
  • If they answer yes to any of the above the engineer wont enter the premises and will reschedule for a date after 14 days
  • If the answer is no to both questions the engineer will carry out the work but ask the person to go in another room.

Openreach has stated it will carry out all work that does not require entering the premises. That means anything to do with the line or exchange box will be fixed without issue.

Some customers will be able to install most of the equipment themselves at home. Most of the work Openreach do can be completed outside, which means that they can usually fix problems without entering a the property

They are telling engineers not to enter the premises unless the customer is vulnerable or disabled which will reduce their contact with the public drastically.

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