Interseting Benefits Of Remote Working

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When remote working comes to mind most people see this as more beneficial for the employees than the employers. But an entire remote workforce is unthinkable for most business leaders, however it may surprise most people that this scenario can really benefit your business in numerous ways.

1. Productivity will increase massively

The general consensus is that if you let someone work from home, they wont do as much work due to distractions like tv and streaming sites being readily available. However the reality is much different than this assumption.

This is an old hat viewpoint, we at Pursuit have found that especially during the pandemic productivity of employees has skyrocketed – comfortable employees are productive employees. Whilst being in the office has its benefits, allowing the flexibility of home working has really helped boost productivity.

2. No commute, no problems

If you ran a survey of your employees you would be hard pushed to find anyone who actually enjoys their morning commute, between being squeezed on a train or sitting in traffic it really can set the tone for your whole day and makes it harder to stay motivated.

Commuting in itself is hard, so hard in fact its the biggest contributor to workplace absences and decreased morale it can really grate you down. To make things worse if you have employees with a very long commute 90 mins or more it can lead to them quitting due to the mental stress it causes. Remote working leads to happier and less stressed employees which means they stay longer, less hiring costs and more productivity.

3. Remote workers are more able to handle sudden change

Employee absences can cripple a company, having two essential employees off on the same day can lead to work backlog that can take weeks to complete. You may have people picking up the slack but it costs you the most expensive commodity of all – time.

Giving staff the freedom to work from home means even if they’re unwell they’re still working, this leads to less absences. Happier employees always feel more inclined to work and nothing makes people happier than being in the comfort of their own home.

4. Health benefits

With more time free during work your employees will be more inclined to work out during their downtime, this leads to a happier and healthier workforce. Seems simple but often overlooked, healthier employees are happier and have less sick days this is a dream for most employers.

Although working out isn’t the only way they can remain healthy. With no commute peoples health will improve with no effort involved. On average if someone has to travel 10 miles it can drastically increase their cholesterol and stress levels which can lead to a heart attack.

5. It can be better for the environment

Offices by their very nature are not green, they use electricity and gas, the cleaning supplies used contribute to greenhouse emissions and having people travel to get to work also increases the carbon footprint of your business.

Employees commuting is one of the largest causes of CO2 increases in the past 10 years it has almost doubled year on year, more people travelling and less people carpooling has lead to a lot of green house gas emissions.

The energy consumed by a modern office contributes a massive amount of CO2 into the atmosphere one thing lockdown has shown us is that just by turning the world off for a few months can drastically turn back the clock on global warming.

In short go green, go remote.

6. It saves a massive amount of money

We all like seeing people in the office and having face to face exchanges, the buzz is electrifying and it gives security that work is still moving forward. That does have a massive downside, money. Running an office space can cost a fortune so moving remote can free up valuable passive income for more lucrative projects.

There have been many major companies favouring remote working over office work, google and twitter have now made 90% of their workforce remote showing us a trend of where the future lies.

Saving on your office rent is a big plus but even better, people working from home are less likely to ask for a wage rise as its easier for them to keep costs down. With no expensive coffee breaks and meal deal lunches people will feel more financially secure and less likely to seek more.

Quids in!

7. Hiring the best talent, anywhere

A massively overlooked benefit of remote workforces is that they can be anywhere. Some incredible talent lies overseas and for a fraction of the cost meaning you can hire anyone from anywhere and still produce the same amount of results as having a sovereign workforce.

8. Loyalty will increase

Most employees will be more loyal when offered flexible or remote working. Giving employees the freedom to customise their schedule and work in a way that suits them you get a magic result, they become grateful to you. This means that their thanks turns into pure effort a very good trade off. When they’re loyal they wont leave.

These are just some of the benefits of remote working we here at pursuit pride ourselves on the value we hold for flexible working.

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